Advocate Kamal Hossain was in favour of the application. Advocate Md Asif Hasan was in favour of the ACC. Deputy attorney general AKM Amin Uddin Manik and assistant attorney general Anna Khanam Kali represented the state.

It was learned that Alamgir Hossain was investigating an ACC case against the district registrar of Pirojpur, Abdul Quddus Hawladar and his wife Mahinur Begum.

Abdul Quddus placed an application to the ACC chairman seeking change of Alamgir Hossain, the investigating officer at the case, alleging that he was soliciting bribes by calling the district registrar's brother. But the ACC chairman did not respond so he filed a writ petition to the High Court.

On 8 March, the primary hearing of the case, HC asked for the call records of Abdul Quddus Hawladar's brother and ACC's assistant director Alamgir Hossain from July, 2019 to February, 2021.

Amin Uddin Manik said the records showed that the ACC assistant director had several phone conversations with the elder brother of the accused instead of calling the accused (regarding the investigation).

For this reason, the HC has summoned the assistant director of the ACC, he said.