Hefazat-e-Islam’s joint secretary general Mamunul Haque has been indicted in the incident of clashes and violence at the Baitul Mukarram mosque area on 26 March.

Mamunul was made prime accused in the case filed with Paltan police station on Monday night. Also accused in the case are 16 identified and 2 or 3 thousand unidentified people.

The cases was filed by a certain Khondokar Arif-Uz-Zaman.

The plaintiff, who identified himself as a businessman, complained that he had gone to the Baitul Mukarram national mosque to attend Jumma prayers on that day. He saw several thousands of people in an unruly mob at the north gate of the mosque after prayers. They were Jamaat-Shibir-BNP-Hefazat men, he said They were chanting anti-state and anti-government slogans.


According to the case statement, the miscreants swooped down on the plaintiff and others with various types of weapons, local and foreign, at direct orders of Mamunul.

Violence broke out on 26 March as a section of people protesting against Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s visit clashed with police and ruling party men.

Police earlier filed a case over the incident with Paltan model police station.

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