Abu Sayeed alias Salman, Rubel Islam alias Shajib, Chan Mia, Omar Faruq, Hafiz Ahsan Ullah Mahmud and Shahjalal were acquitted.

Reflecting on the verdict the court said, without any type of proof the investigating officer named Chan Mia, Omar Faruq, Ahsan Ullah and Shahjalal as accused.

Only for his whimsicality these four faced harassment and mental sufferings.

The court while passing the judgment said, reviewing Kabir and Arman’s confessional statements it was found that the masterminds behind the blast were Albani and Noman.

The investigating officer mentioned in the report that Albani, Hiron alias Kamal and Abdullah alias Alauddin died in a gunfight right before being arrested.

However, he did not cited from where he got to learn about their deaths in the report. He did not even say anything about why he did not accuse Nomani.

From reviewing Arman’s confession it became clear that Hiron along with another (a child) orchestrated the attack at Hoseni Dalan.

There are two children named in the charge sheet of the case. Their case is going on at Dhaka Children Court.

Observation of the verdict said, the investigator accused Chan Mia, Omar Faruq, Ahsan Ullah and Shahjalal, without carrying out full investigation and acquitting Albani, Noman, Hiron.

He made a huge mistake and neglected his duties in doing so. As a result, the main culprits have remained beyond the jurisdiction of law.

Militants fired grenades on a Tajia procession brought out from Hoseni Dalan marking the holy Ashura on 24 October 2015. Hundreds of people were injured in that incident while one person died.

Police filed a case with Chawk Bazar police station on the day after the blast. After investigation, the report was submitted on the following year on 21 April 2016 accusing ten people.

Taking the police investigation report into account, Dhaka Mohanagar Sessions Judge Court formed charge sheet against ten militants on 31 May 2017.

Later, the case was sent to 8th additional sessions judge court for trial. From there the case was transferred to Anti-Terrorism Special Tribunal.

What happened that day

According to the narratives of police, eye witnesses and injured people, the explosion took place at around 1.45am on the night of the incident. At that time, along with uniformed police, members of security agencies, dressed as civilians, were also stationed there. A teenager named Shajjad Hossain died in that attack.

Police and witnesses said preparation of Tajia procession was going on at the main gate of Hoseni Dalan. The procession was supposed to move towards Paltan. People regardless of their age and gender came to participate in the procession. Amidst that, at around 1.45 am the whole area shuddered with perpetual explosion.

As per some people’s narrative, they heard the sound of 10 to 15 blasts one after another. Right after the explosion many people fell to the ground. Many were trampled when they fell while trying to run. The entire area became heavy with cries and shrieks instantly after that.

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