Quoting the confessional statements of the accused, the HC stated, “He, brother of former local government and rural development (LGRD) Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, would run a syndicate. Because of his activities, the images of government and the country have been tarnished. He gave shelters as well as advice to other accused. He is the ring leader. So why will we grant bail to such an accused?”

In the hearing, lawyer Syed Mizanur Rahman represented Khandaker Mohtesham while deputy attorney general AKM Amin Uddin stood for the state.

In the hearing, Syed Mizanur said there is no specific allegation against Mohtesham. The case has no element of money laundering definition. He doesn't need to extort. His father-in-law was a minister. He belongs to a well-off family.

The court said, “You (Mohtesham) are a brother of a minister as per case statement, chargesheet and the confessional statements of the accused. You would run a syndicate. There is no government office, starting from LDED ministry, where you didn’t manipulate tenders.”

In reply to the statements, Syed Mizanur said it is true that he is a minister’s brother but he is the victim of propaganda. It will not be fair if you carry out a trial based on the media's observation.

The court replied it will be proved in trial whether you are a criminal or not. However, the records contain the primary elements of crimes.

Deputy attorney general AKM Amin Uddin said money laundering is an organised crime. Mohtesham is the main accused in the case. He would run the syndicate.

Khandaker Mohtesham Hossain was the chairman of Faridpur upazila parishad. He was arrested from the capital on 8 March in the case filed over laundering Tk 20 billion.

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