DC Sajjadur Rahman said, “Names of some celebrities appeared in the case. They are Tahsan, Sabnam Faria and Mithila. They are accused no. 7,8 and 9 in the case. They are under our surveillance and can be arrested anytime.”

Asked about the comment of police official, Mithila told Prothom Alo that she does not know anything about it.

“I’ve not got any legal notice. I don’t know anything in detail,” Mithila said.

She said she had done nothing wrong and had been engaged with Evaly for a month.

“We do advertisements for hundreds of brands and case has been filed over one of them. Let’s see,” Mithila added.

Actor Tahsan is currently staying in the USA and he could not be connected through WhatsApp. Sabnam Faria’s mobile was switched off.

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) arrested Evaly’s chief executive officer (CEO) Mohammad Rassel and the company’s chairman and his wife Shamima Nasrin from the city on 16 September on charges of fraudulence and embezzlement.