Cyclone Yaas: Rohingya camps in Bhasan Char not affected

At least two deaths were reported Wednesday as Cyclone Yaas triggered storms and floods in the coastal areas of Bangladesh.

At least 25 villages in Hatiya Island of the country have been flooded on Wednesday as water is flowing 3 to 4 feet above the normal tide in the rivers adjacent to the upazila due to the impact of cyclone Yaas, reports UNB.

Hatia upazila's executive officer Imran Hossain said the tidal water has increased due to the effects of cyclone Yaas and the full moon. Adequate amount of dry food has been stored in 181 shelters of the island.

He also added that the cyclone had no effect on the Rohingya camp in Bhasan Char. "Due to the height of Rohingya camps from the ground, tidal water could not enter there," he added.

He also said that hundreds of passengers were stranded at the island as operations of water vessels have been suspended due to the storm.