Country facing crises, people can’t live the way they aspire: Dr Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize winning economist Dr Muhammad Yunus on the court premises on 2 April, 2024Asaduzzaman

“The country is facing crises. People here are not being able to live in the way they want. We are not seeing anywhere the thing called rule of law and order. You (the journalists) have been writing about this everyday. Indeed we are learning this from you,” said Nobel Peace Prize winning economist Dr Muhammad Yunus.

Dr Muhammad Yunus said this while talking to newspersons on the premises of a Dhaka court after it took into cognisance a charge sheet produced in a case filed on charges of money laundering on Tuesday.

The court of Dhaka metropolitan senior special judge Mohammad As-Shams Jaglul Hossain has taken into cognizance the chargesheet placed against 14 people, including Dr Muhammad Yunus, in the case filed under the Money Laundering Prevention Act.

At the same time, the court has fixed 2 May as the date for the hearing to form the charges.

Earlier, Dr Yunus appeared before the court at 12:50 pm today, Tuesday.

The noted economist told the media, “If we look at ourselves, do we see us being able to carry out our respective roles? Are we able to perform what we wanted to do? How would we protest if we cannot do that? How could we make others listen to us? We find a way to make other people listen to us. There is no other way than this.”

Stating that we all form this country, the Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus said, “This is the month of Ramadan. Let’s pray to Allah so that we can get rid of crises. We are facing many types of crises. Personally, I’m also facing different types of crises. My colleagues are facing many crises, and so is the country. Please pray to get rid of this.”

The only Nobel laureate in the country further said, “The Eid is knocking at the door. Let’s pray so that we can truly celebrate the Eid. Then the Pohela Boishakh. All the celebrations are arriving together. The country is going through crises. But we would not have freedom and respite if we can’t cross the crises.”

Highlighting the social business initiatives, Dr Muhammad Yunus said, “We work based on experiences and we work with some dreams. The people from home and abroad have believed in this. We are terming this as social business. We do not appear with any scientific data. We thought people would be benefited if we introduce this. We work for the people’s welfare.

Professor Yunus said, “Sometimes I feel aggrieved, people from the whole world want to learn from Bangladesh. We should feel dignified for this. But instead of that we are doing something as if we’ve committed a serious sin. There was no reason to have a feeling like this. We want to feel proud in front of the whole world.”

Dr Muhammad Yunus further said, “The way we, the whole world have been going ahead, it will destroy the whole world. We are working to construct a path to rescue from that. That is why the whole world is so interested. We have been reiterating about three zeroes. Freedom lies in this. There have been discussions on capitalism, communism around the world. The discussions are still ongoing. But we are not publicising any such doctrine. What we are saying is that you can do this work if you wish. As a result, you will be free from crises for this.”

Dr Muhammad Yunus said, “I spoke about my crisis and the crisis the country is facing. The fallout of the global crisis is also hanging over our heads. We must save ourselves from that crisis too.”