Barishal-5: Sadiq Abdullah gets back candidature 

Sadiq Abdullah
File photo

Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah, an independent candidate for the Barishal-5 constituency, had his candidacy reinstated on Monday through a writ in the High Court.  

Former city mayor Sadiq Abdullah sought the Awami League nomination for the seat, but Zahid Faruq, the current Member of Parliament and Minister of State for Water Resources, secured the party's nomination.  

Failing to obtain the party's ticket, Sadiq Abdullah ran as an independent candidate, and the returning officer deemed his nomination valid.  

However, Zahid Faruq appealed to the election commission (EC) to annul Sadiq Abdullah's nomination, citing dual citizenship in the United States and alleged concealment of wealth information in the affidavit.

Simultaneously, Sadiq Abdullah appealed to the EC to cancel Zahid Faruq's candidature.

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Following the hearing, the election commission upheld Zahid Faruq's appeal on 15 December, deciding to reject Sadiq Abdullah's appeal. Consequently, Sadiq Abdullah's candidacy was canceled.  

In response, Sadiq Abdullah filed a writ in the High Court challenging the validity of the election commission's decision.  

On Monday, Sadiq Abdullah had his candidacy reinstated through a writ in the High Court.