2023 appears as second Nakba for Palestinians: Yousef Ramadan

Ambassador of Palestine to Bangladesh, Yousef Ramadan, addresses the inauguration of the exhibitionCollected

The embassy of Palestine in Bangladesh in coordination with the Consular Corps in Bangladesh organised an Art Exhibition by a budding artist of Bangladesh, Tahia Tabani.

The art exhibition was organised commemorating the International Day of Solidarity for the Palestinian People on 29 November.

The Day is observed by the United Nations and countries across the world, underscoring the date on which in 1947 the General Assembly adopted the resolution ‘the Partition Resolution’, providing for the establishment in Palestine of a “Jewish State” and an “Arab State”, with Jerusalem as a corpus separatum under a special international regime.

The International Solidarity Day provides an opportunity for the international community to focus its attention on the fact that the UN Resolution remains partially implemented, as the Jewish State has come to manifest but the issue of the Palestine State remains unresolved.

Ambassador of Palestine to Bangladesh, Yousef Ramadan, expressed his gratitude to all who went to the show. Urging the people to continue expressing their solidarity to the Palestinians, the ambassador said, “1948 was the first Nakba or catastrophe. 2023 has appeared as the second Nakba.” 

Yousef Ramadan further stated the whole world is observing how Israel has unleashed violence upon the innocent women and children of Palestine. This war cannot be said of Israel or Zionists war against Palestine. Rather this is a war of Israel against humanity, he added.

This is a key issue among others that continue to facilitate the apartheid, atrocities, and injustices on the Palestinian people now, and in decades before. The Palestine embassy in Dhaka commemorates this day to reaffirm its commitment for a free Palestine.

As part of the commemoration, Palestine embassy organised the Art Exhibition with artworks of Tahia Tabani, who had begun a campaign on her own in recent months, creating artworks focused on the Palestinian cause, selling them, and contributing the revenues to international relief efforts working for supporting those affected in Gaza in the bombardment carried out by Israel.

The Consular Corps and the Palestine embassy facilitated this exhibition for Tahia Tabani to showcase her artwork and contribute more to the humanitarian needs of Gaza.

Tahia Tabani has created 39 pieces of artwork, a combination of paintings and calligraphy. Of the paintings, 24 pieces are specifically depicting the Palestine cause, and the full sales revenue from these 24 paintings will be contributed to the humanitarian needs of Gaza. Of the rest 15 artwork, 70 per cent of the total sales revenue will be contributed to the Gaza aid needs.

Tahia Tabani has begun showcasing her artwork through her newly created website, www.sukoonart.com

Art lovers can purchase her artwork from there, and also commission specific artwork, and calligraphy for Tahia Tabani to work on. Currently, Tahia Tabani’s artwork focus is on Paintings – Oil, Acrylic, and Mixed Media; Calligraphy – Arabic, and Mandarin; and Rural Artwork – Pottery and Ceramic artwork, metal trunk artwork and more.

Tahia Tabani’s rural artwork is also featured on MiAA, a house of craftsmanship that works with Bangladeshi artisans across the country.

Tahia Tabani plans on working on Yemen and Rohingya humanitarian needs by supporting those issues through sales of her artwork in the future. She also wants to collaborate with other budding artists and artisans across Bangladesh through her under development platform www.ttabani.com

She wants to bring these artisans together and collaboratively showcase their artwork on her platform creating newer showcasing and patronage opportunities for artists and artisans of Bangladesh.