Biden nominates David Meale as next US ambassador to Bangladesh

US diplomat David Slayton MealeCourtesy of US embassy in China

US president Joe Biden has nominated diplomat David Slayton Meale as the new US ambassador to Bangladesh. The White House confirmed the development on Thursday. According to its website, his name has been sent to the Senate for approval.

As per the rules, the president nominates a diplomat as ambassador, which is then sent to the US Senate for approval. The appointment of the new ambassador is officially announced after the Senate approves it.

So, if the Senate approves, then Meale will replace the current US ambassador to Bangladesh, Peter Haas.

David Slayon Meale is a career diplomat, who is currently serving as the deputy chief of mission at the US embassy in China. He also served as the deputy chief of mission at the US embassy in Bangladesh.

Veteran diplomat Meale was the deputy assistant secretary for trade policy and negotiations for the Economic Bureau at the US Department of State. He was previously the director for sanctions policy and implementation.

Apart from Dhaka and Beijing, he also worked at the US Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine.