Netra News, a Sweden-based news media on last 17 April published a story on the ‘disappearance’ of Ilias Ali. The report claimed that some RAB personnel were involved with the incident. The report published the names of three RAB officials in the disappearance of Ilias Ali.


Asked about the news, RAB legal and media wing director Khandkar Al Moin told the newspersons at the press briefing at the media center, “RAB thinks the news of Netra News is totally baseless. RAB is a law enforcement agency and we conduct all our operations abiding by the law. The information presented in the news is totally baseless.”

“We have given Ilias Ali’s wife the best legal assistance whenever she gas come to us since the disappearance of her husband,” Moin said.

He said the RAB is still cooperating with Ilias Ali’s wife and conducting drives whenever they get any information about him.

On Monday, BNP organised a discussion meeting marking ten years of Ilias Ali’s ‘disappearance’. In the programme titled ‘Bring back Ilias Ali and other victims of enforced disappearance’, Ilias Ali’s wife Tahsina Rushdir said it is now confirmed that law enforcers picked up Ilias Ali.

She also said that arrangements made of her visit to the prime minister's office and subsequent assurance to search Ilias Ali were all pretence.

BNP called a five-day hartal at that time, and the assurances were made to stop the opposition party’s agitation, she alleged.

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