BATB chairman Golam Mainuddin receives Balipara foundation award

Balipara Foundation has honoured Golam Mainuddin, the chairman of British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB), with lifetime achievement award 2022, said a press release.

Golam Mainuddin has been awarded for his outstanding contributions towards protecting and conserving the environment. He received the award at a ceremony at Independent University on Sunday.

Serving as BAT Bangladesh chairman since August 2008, Mainuddin has spearheaded an afforestation project and instrumental since the beginning of the afforestation journey in addressing the climate crisis issues and socio-economic needs of the local communities. His initiated programme has so far distributed 120 million fruits, forestry and medicinal plant saplings across 22 districts free of charge to diverse beneficiaries.

“When we rolled out our afforestation project, we had to face a lot of challenges including a lack of awareness among people about climate action and tree plantation. We worked our way through those challenges to do something meaningful for saving the environment and empowering communities. This award will inspirit us to continue our unwavering effort to protect the environment for a better tomorrow,” Mainuddin said.

Saber Hossain Chowdhury, chair of the parliamentary standing committee on the ministry of environment, forest and climate change, Shyam Saran, a former foreign secretary of India and prime minister’s special envoy for nuclear affairs and climate change, and Ram Madhav, member of the governing council of India foundation, were present at the event.

Bangladesh Lifetime Service Award, introduced by Balipara Foundation, is conferred on an individual who has been playing a significant role in conserving the environment. So far, 121 persons have been awarded by the foundation.

Balipara Foundation has been working towards creating social, economic, and environmental impacts through different efforts by protecting natural resources and restoring the beauty of the Eastern Himalayas to its full glory.