Alpna Akter aling with her parents

‘I will make you a physician even if I have to beg to bear the expenses of your study, I would do so," Md Tazgeer Hossain, who passed the medical admission test this year, quoted his mother as saying.

"When I received GPA-5 in primary completion examination, my mother made the remark," he added.

"My mother passed away while I was in class 9."

Had she been alive today she would have been happier, Tazgreer said adding "but, now I am worried over my study expenses."

A boy from Chawklakshimpur village of Cumilla’s Chauddagram, Tazgeer Hossain even had to sell plants on a van to manage his study expenses.

Like Tazgeer Hossain, Alpana Akater, daughter of a van puller from Thakurgaon’s Baliadangi upazila, Abdullah, son of a mosque imam from Chapainawabganj’s municipality area, and Sabuj Ahmmed, son of vegetable vendor from Kushtia’s Daulatpur upazila, also passed medical admission test this year. Of them, Abdullah secured the second position in merit list.

Earlier, Prothom Alo on Saturday published reports on the success of Marufa Khatun, daughter of a fisherman from Satkhira’s Tala, and Rani Mahato, daughter of a brick field worker from Sirajganj’s Rayerganj, in MBBS admission test.

The result of MBBS admission test was published on 5 April.

Tazgeer Hossain

Tazgeer Hossain would sell plants on van

Tazgeer Hossain qualified for admission at Khulna Medical College securing 2595th position in the merit list. Even though he lost his mother while he was in class 9, Tazgeer Hossain did not quit his study amidst numerous obstacles only to fulfill his mother’s dream. While he was studying the secondary education, Tazgeer Hossain sold tree plants on a van during tiffin period to manage his study expenses and he did tutoring in the morning and in the afternoon during his higher secondary.

Tazgeer is the eldest one among four brothers. Their father Shahdat Hossain is from Chawklakshimpur village of Cumilla’s Chauddagram. Shahdat Hossain, who ran a small business, remarried and started living at his in-law’s house in Kunta village of Laksham after his first wife died.

With a little savings and help from a relative, Tazgeer said he got admitted to to a medical admission coaching. Following the death of his mother in 2017, he started living at his grandparent’s home and from where he began selling plants on a van. Meanwhile, his father married again so he became more frustrated.

Tazgeer Hossain passed the Secondary School Certificate examination with GPA-4.94 from Boraiga Joytipal Mahat’s Buddha Ashram High School in Laksham and the Higher Secondary Certificate examination with GPA-5 from Nawab Faizunnesa Govt College in Laksham.

Tazgeer’s father Shahdat Hossain said he has been very happy at his son’s success but he is thinking of how the expenses of his son’s study will be managed.

Alapana Akter brings dignity to village

Alapana Akter, daughter of van puller Aftab Rahman, is from Belsara village under Palashbari union of Thakurgaon’s Baliadangi upazila. Her family owns a small homestead.

She secured 675th position in the merit list, qualifying for the enrollment at Mymansingh Medical College. Everyone in the village is delighted over her success.

Alapana Akter is the third among her three sisters and a brother. Her only brother Munna Ali is a seventh semester student at Bangla department in Dhaka University while her elder sister got married and her younger sister Jharna Akter is studying at higher secondary.

Visiting their home on Friday, Alpana Akter and Jharna Akter were seen sitting on the veranda of their mud house and their father went out for work.

Alpana Akter said, “Had the teachers of my school and college not extended their helping hand, such success would have not been possible. Since my father is still here I am not thinking anything despite all the hardship; he will manage it by any means.”

She got GPA-5 in SSC from Khusaldangi High School and GPA-5 in HSC from Thakurgaon Government College. Teachers did not take school and tutoring fees since her childhood and most of her study expenses came from stipend.

Alpana Akter’s mother Mazeda Begun said if they can make her daughter a physician, their life will be fulfilled.

Their neighbour Hajera Begum said prestige of their village has flourished as a girl gets the opportunity to study at medical college amid all hardship.

When Aftab Rahman returned home, he talked to Prothom Alo about the expenses on her daughter’s enrollment at medical college. He said he sold 5 out of 25 decimals of his land to enroll his son at Dhaka University and the remaining pieces of land was also gone to manage his study expense. “Nothing will prevent her daughter’s enrollment and if anyone wishes to help without any condition he will not refuse them,” he added.


Abulladh’s father is anxious

Abdullah from Rajarampur Bangdui area of Chapainawabganj municipality stood second in the MBBS admission test for 2021-22 session. He obtained 91.5 marks in the admission test and previously secured GPA-5 in all public examinations. His father Maidul Islam is an imam at Nameshankarbati Bhabanipur Jame Mosque.

Maidul Islam said, “Abdullah suffers from migraine since his childhood. One needs to study hard to be a physician, followed by higher study after passing MBBS. So, I wanted he becomes an engineer. Though my wish is not fulfilled, I am very happy as the wish of the son and her mother is fulfilled.”

Visiting their home, it was found that their tin-shed two-room house is built on a katha of land. Maidul Islam said, “I could not seek help from anyone out of shame. Sometimes, retired deputy director of Chapainawabganj’s Islamic Foundation Abul Kalam Azad helped my son. Study is expensive at Dhaka Medical College and I am worried about it.”

Sabuj Ahemmed with his parents

The sorrow of Sabuj Ahammed’s father amid joy

Sabuj Ahammed believes success comes in anything with hard work, patience and blessings. He got the opportunity to enroll at Kushtia Medical College. He is from Bairagircahar village under Marcha union of Kushtia’s Daulatpur upazila. He is the fifth among his six brothers and a sister. His father Abdur Razzak runs their family by selling vegetables at village market.

Neighbours and villagers are delighted over the success of Sabuj Ahammed. His father Abdur Razzak said, “We have a big family and I brought them up amid hardship. I have sold vegetables at markets and run the family from hand to mouth. We has some land but river eats it up. I could not understand what is going to happen.”

Abdur Razzak said his two sons passed honours and masters.

Sabuj Aheamed studied at secondary in Bairagichar. Headmaster of the school said, “Sabuj was provided all support during his study at secondary and he is the first student to get the enrolment at a medical college from this School. We are proud of him.”

Prothom Alo’s Staff Correspondents from Chapainawabganj, Cumilla and Kushtia and Correspondent from Thakurgaon contributed to this report.