Why INMA Awards is significant

It is always a matter of pride and joy to receive any prestigious award at an international level. But, when it comes to the ‘INMA Global Media Awards’, its significance and amplitude surpasses every other recognition.

‘INMA Global Media Awards’ is the world’s biggest event for media and sets a standard. The standard is to become the best of the best in the world.

More than a hundred media houses submitted almost 8,000 entries in this competition, the most prestigious for the media over last one decade.

Based in Dallas, USA, the International News Media Association or INMA is the largest global association for media. INMA has been organising awards for the brand excellence of media houses across the world since 1937.

At present more than 20,000 individuals from over 900 media houses of 83 countries are members of INMA. This is the largest organisation in the world, working on media’s business, brand and readers.

This time, the best initiatives in different categories including innovative and best practice, appropriate use of media platform, subscription, business development, advertisement, data and insights, product and newsroom has received this recognition.

In this year’s event, a jury board formed with 50 senior media experts from 20 countries of the world gave final nomination to 332 applications after scrutinising all the applications thoroughly for two months.

Compared to previous ones, this year’s event attracted special attention from all over because the media industries across the world sustained much damage during the pandemic.

In that backdrop, various creative initiatives of the media that have helped this industry to bounce back around the world during and after the corona outbreak have been highlighted in this year’s event.

Earl J Wilkinson, executive director and chief executive officer of INMA, said about this year’s award, that creativity in communicating subscriptions and engaging readers was a recurring them in this year’s Global Media Awards.

INMA Global Media Awards is the biggest platform for showcasing the best initiatives in the international level. These awards give a clear comparative picture of the best creative initiative and where all the renowned media houses stand in the global ranks with their recent initiatives.

These unique initiatives of the media around the world are inspiring for other media to devise their own action plans as well.