Besides, the projects include construction of Deshratna-Sheikh Hasina Hall in Bangladesh Agricultural University, Sheikh Rehana Hall, Rosy Jamal Hall, 500-bed 5-storey student hostel in Government Anand Mohan College and laying foundation stone of electricity distribution system development project.

With sincere and relentless efforts by the Awami League government led by prime minister Sheikh Hasina, Mymensingh has changed because of the implementation of massive development projects.

Huge development is visible in all sectors, including agriculture, education, health and infrastructure, in the district in the last 14 years under prime minister Sheikh Hasina's visionary leadership.

There was no such development during the tenure of any government in the past. Common people of Mymensingh are now enjoying the benefits of this development.

 The people of Mymensingh had a long-standing demand to upgrade Mymensingh Medical College Hospital from a 500-bed hospital to a 1000-bed one.

The prime minister has increased the beds of Mymensingh Medical College Hospital from 500 to 1000 beds in 2013.

People of greater Mymensingh, including Sherpur, Jamalpur, Tangail, Netrakona and Kishoreganj, along with North Bengal, Sunamganj, Narsingdi and Gazipur are now enjoying the treatment and medical services from Mymensingh Medical College Hospital.

Sheikh Hasina has fulfilled all the demands of the local people that include establishment of an education board and dredging of the old Brahmaputra river, along with establishment of Mymensingh into a division and city corporation.