All the assistant teachers of primary schools will get their salary in the 13th grade, the primary of mass education ministry has decided after resolving complexities over appointment rules.

The ministry has sent a letter to finance division to take necessary action in this regard.

The government in February took a decision to upgrade the salary grade of the government primary schools’ assistant teachers with or without training to the 13th grade. At the same time, it was decided to raise the salary grade of head teachers with or without training to 11th grade.


Until now, the head teachers with training were drawing salaries at 11th grade and those without training at 12th grade. On the other hand, the assistant teachers with training were getting salaries at 14th grade while those without training at 15th grade.

But complexities arose while fixing salaries as the qualifications of appointment have been raised in 2019. A large number of teachers who were appointed as per the qualifications fixed earlier were facing discrimination.

The primary and mass education ministry and the teachers think the move will dispel all the longstanding complexities.


Speaking to Prothom Alo, president of Bangladesh Primary Schools’ Assistant Teachers Association, Mohammad Shamsuddin said that they think the ministry’s decision will end all the complexities. The teachers won’t be deprived now.

They, however, hoped quick implementation of the decision.