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Bangladesh citizens staying in Ukraine can travel to Poland without any visa as the Polish government has opened the borders for the Bangladeshis.

Poland's government has taken the decision as the Russian invasion to Ukraine is underway for the second day on Friday.

The Embassy of Bangladesh in Warsaw, Poland, said this in a media release on Friday. The embassy has also posted the release on its Facebook page.

The release said the Poland-Ukraine border has been opened for the expatriate Bangladeshis. In that case, any expatriate Bangladeshi could cross the border by showing his/her legal passport to the border guards.

Those who do not have any passport can enter Poland with a travel pass. In that case, the embassy requested the Bangladeshis without passport to keep two copies of passport size coloured photographs with them.

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The release further said a team of the Embassy of Bangladesh in Warsaw, Poland, will leave for the Poland-Ukraine border on Saturday morning and would help the Bangladeshis ready to enter Poland from Ukraine.

The embassy also requested the people to observe the situation well before embarking on the journey due to bomb blasts, scarcity of petrol and heavy traffic on the way.

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At least 137 people, including civilians, were killed on the first day of the Russian invasion to Ukraine, said the country’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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