Govt issues gazette fixing half bus fare for students

Students have been protesting in various parts of Dhaka demanding half fare at public transport for weeks.
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The government has issued a gazette notification fixing half bus fare for students in all private busses (city service) running in all metropolitan cities of the country, reports BSS.

The road transport and bridges ministry issued the notification on Monday.

As per the Section 34 (2) of the Road Transport Act 2018, the half bus fares were fixed for students in city busses on five conditions, considering the decisions of Road Transport Owners' Association.

The notification said it would be considered that the half bus fare came into effect in Dhaka city on 1 December and other metropolitans on 11 December last.

Earlier, in the wake of student protests for safe roads and half fare in public transport, the transport owners on 30 November announced that the students could pay half fare but only in the Dhaka city.

Backtracking from their previous announcement, the transport owners made the new announcement on 5 December.