Govt to send 1000 workers overseas from each upazila

The online platform ‘Bdesh Jaatra’ (foreign travel) will offer information on all sorts of services relevant to migration, including managing remittance.

Speaking at the launch of the platform, expatriate welfare secretary Ahmed Munirus Saleheen spoke about the government’s plans to send workers abroad.

He said the ‘Bdesh Jaatra’ platform would provide all necessary information pertaining to those seeking employment overseas, migrants living abroad, migrants who have returned to the country as well as their families, handling remittance and so on.


This online platform has been created by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) for the Protyasha project funded by the European Union.

The online platform was inaugurated Thursday afternoon by the secretary for expatriate welfare an overseas employment, Ahmed Munirus Saleheen.

He said the government plans to send 1000 workers overseas from each upazila every year. And, he added, ‘Bdesh Jaatra’ was a timely initiative for taking informed decisions regarding migration.

According to IOM, in 2019 migrants sent USD 18.32 billion to Bangladesh. Over the past five decades, Bangladesh sent 13 million (1 crore 30 lakh) migrant workers abroad. Every year over 500,000 migrants goes abroad.

IOM is working with the Bangladesh government to ensure regular, legitimate and safe migration. It created ‘Bdesh Jaatra’ as part of this effort. Bdjobs provided technical assistance in creating the platform.

EU ambassador in Bangladesh Rensje Teerink, in her message, said informed decisions are the correct decisions. Those who go abroad well-informed are safer. This online platform cuts down on any lack of information and helps in ensuring legal and regular migration.


IOM mission chief in Bangladesh, Giorgi Gigauri, said during the coronavirus pandemic, updated accurate information is more important than ever before for the migrants. The objective of ‘Bdesh Jaatra’ is to ensure the migrant workers are aware of their rights.

IOM said all necessary information required regarding every step before deciding on migration, before travel, while overseas and when returning, will be available in Bangla on the ‘Bdesh Jaatra’ platform. It will be available on website and through app. The 6.1 megabyte mobile application can be downloaded from Google Playstore or can be used offline.