Hindu Parishad’s spokesperson Suman Kumar Roy said, “I want to tell the government that if Awami League does not implement the electoral pledges it made, we minorities know how to realise our demands. The minority community is awake today. You would not be able to use them as a vote bank dangling a carrot.”

He said the minority community would no longer be used as any political party’s vote bank. Suman Kumar said the Hindu community would not just hold indoor programmes, they would launch street movements in future against all kinds of discrimination and to realise political and social rights.

Dhaka ISKCON’s director Rupanug Gaura Das Brahmachari said the conspiracy that was launched in 1948 to drive out the Hindu community from this country is still going on.

He said that religious minorities are undergoing a tough time.

Hindu Parishad International committee’s (America) president Satyabrata Kar presided over the event.