Zafrullah Chowdhury said, “If no other plot is found for constructing the police station, honourable home minister, please give some land from your home. This will only boost your reputation. If there’s no land available, then acquire four-five floors of the multistoried building adjacent to it (Tentultala ground) and construct the police station there.”

Saying that the Tentultala ground acts as the “lungs of the children, lungs of the elderly”, Zafrullah Chowdhury further said, “We can’t allow this lung to be taken away. We will not accept any unfair order to construct a police station on it. The bricks and concrete have to be removed. Otherwise, we will set camp right here.”

Zafrullah Chowdhury also called for a movement against it, “We can’t return home until our demands are met. Collectively, we will defend the ground. I will join you all in the movement to remove the walls, bricks and cement from the ground.”