If there is any inconsistency in electricity bills, it will be adjusted with the next month's bills, said the power division in a clarification on Saturday against the backdrop of media report that consumers are receiving overstated power bills.

In the clarification, the power division said that estimated electricity bills are being served to the consumers due to COVID-19 situation as power utility employees are not being able to visit the consumers' meters for health safety concerns.


It said there have been some confusions among many power consumers in different areas about their electricity bills in the backdrop of the coronavirus situation.

The power division said that for the sake of preventing coronavirus, bills of many consumers are not being possible to prepare through visiting their meters at the house premises.

Instead, bills are being prepared considering either the previous month's bills or the bills of corresponding months of the last year as there is lockdown in many areas and also for obligations of maintaining social distance and health safety by the electricity workers, it said.

"If there is any inconsistency in the bills compared to the consumed electricity, it will be adjusted with the next month's bills. The consumers would not need to pay any extra bills than they have consumed", said the power division in the clarification.

Considering the health safety of consumers to prevent coronavirus, the government has already waived the surcharge of for delayed payment of bills of February, March and April and these bills could be paid until 30 June without any extra charge.


The power division requested the consumers to contact the offices concerned about any complaint against their bills. It also requested to pay bills through bKash, mobile phone and bill booths side by side the payment system of banks.