Indian coast guard has completed the transfer of 20 Bangladeshi fishermen with their fishing trawler to their Bangladeshi counterparts in Bagerhat’s Mongla, UNB reports.

Indian Coast Guard ship Sarojini Naidu on Sunday handed over the fishermen of FB Allahr Dan trawler.

On 26 December, the fishermen were rescued by the Indian coast guard members, after 15 days in the sea as their engine stopped due to a mechanical glitch.

The rescued fishermen are Nurul Islam, Md Tachin, Md Nurul Islam, Md Hanif, Md Sohail, Md Green, Md Aaron, Md Jamal, Md Basar, Md Mostafiz, Md Solomon, Md Abu Zaher, Md Delwar and Md Ripon. All of them are from different villages of Bhola district.

Media officer of Bangladesh Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander Abdur Rahman said that on 6 December, FB Allahdan with 20 fishermen from Char Fashion of Bhola district went to sea for fishing. Due to a glitch the engine stopped; the trawler floated to Indian waters on 11 December. After 15 days, the Indian coast guard identified the fishing trawler on 26 December and informed the Bangladesh Coast Guard.

The 20 fishermen and the fishing trawler were handed over to its owner on Monday, he said.