BRAC celebrates World Water Day


The Climate Change Programme of BRAC celebrated World Water Day 2023 on Wednesday at Mongla upazila, which is a highly vulnerable coastal community to climate change and affected by salinity intrusion in Bagerhat district, said a press release.

The theme for this year's World Water Day is 'Accelerating the change to solve the water and sanitation crises' with an emphasis on the necessity of taking stern action to address the global water crises.

The event aimed to raise awareness among the community about safe drinking water access and maintaining water safety protocols in households and institutions.

To mark the occasion of World Water Day, BRAC has organized various events, including awareness-raising campaigns, community dialogues, and interactive sessions on water security and the importance of safe drinking water. These events aimed to sensitize the local communities and promote behavioural change toward water usage and management.

A ten-day-long drama was organised in various locations across Mongla to raise awareness among the community people about climate change and its related challenges. These challenges include rising sea levels, and salinity intrusion, which leads to a shortage of safe drinking water, and ultimately puts the lives of thousands of people at risk.

Md Liakath Ali, director of Climate Change Programme (CCP) of BRAC said, “Climate change is exacerbating the water crisis, and improving access to safe drinking water is urgently needed in coastal communities in Bangladesh. As we strive towards SDG 6, prioritizing water security and inclusive action is crucial for a sustainable future. Through innovation and appropriate collective effort, we can address the impact of climate change and ensure safe drinking water for all."

BRAC’s Climate Change Programme with the support from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark has addressed access to safe water crisis in Mongla which is a pressing issue that affects many coastal communities. Thus, this crisis requires immediate action to ensure the availability of clean and safe water for the community for inclusive development.