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A case has been filed under the Digital Security Act against a Jagannath University student who was earlier suspended for insulting religion on Facebook.

A student of the university's zoology department filed the case with the Cyber Tribunal in Dhaka today, Thursday.

After a hearing, judge Mohammad As-Sams Jaglul Hossain took the case into cognizance and recorded the complainant's statements.


The court also instructed the Cyber Crime Investigation Division of the Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit of police to investigate the matter and submit a report to it by 8 December.

According to the case statement, the accused student deliberately insulted Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from her Facebook ID at various times from 16 to 23 October and hurt the values ​​and feelings of Islam.

The accused student has been missing since 25 October.