Photographer Shahidul Alam returns University degree in solidarity with Palestine

Shahidul AlamFile photo

Bangladeshi photographer and rights activist Shahidul Alam returned an honorary “doctorate” degree from the University of Arts London in solidarity with Palestine.

Drik Picture Library Limited said this in a press release Sunday.

Shahidul Alam received the degree in 2022 in recognition of his contributions in advancing the struggle for rights through photography.

Shahidul Alam, in the release said, “The University of Arts London was committed to freedom of expression when I took the degree. Students of this university have shown their solidarity with Palestine. At the same time, they demanded the university administration to support the cease-fire in Gaza. This assured me.”

“But this relief passed when I saw the stance of the administration, especially of the incumbent vice-chancellor of the university, is different. Students have repeatedly been saying that their voices are being suppressed. By partnering with Israeli or Israeli-affiliated organisations and institutions, this university of the UK is complicit in Israel’s occupation, apartheid and ongoing genocide,” Shahidul Alam added.

In this context, Shahidul Alam said that he no longer wants to stay connected with the University of Arts London.

He has informed the university formally about returning the “honorary” doctorate degree, he added.