Double-decker wooden houseboat launched in Rangamati

A double-decker wooden houseboat named "Royal Adventure" has been launched in Rangamati recentlyUNB

Chattogram's Rangamati has many houseboats – big and small. The double-decker wooden houseboat "Royal Adventure'' recently entered the fray in the district's Kaptai Lake, reports UNB.

"It is the largest houseboat in Rangamati and has eight rooms. Of them, two rooms are 'super premium' ones with balconies," Royal Adventure CEO Md Mohiuddin Majumder Ananda said.

"Each room has washroom facilities. Four people can stay in each room. We have our restaurant on board where local and traditional dishes are served. If a tourist wants, all arrangements can be made according to his needs because the kitchen is on our boat."

Royal Adventure director Md Farooq said: "Since all usual tourist spots of Rangamati are situated on the banks of Kaptai Lake, tourists can visit them by boat. There is no need for a tourist to book a separate resort as there is an overnight stay facility."

"Tourists will get all the facilities – room stay, dining and sightseeing – from one boat."