What other countries say are not our prime concern: Home minister 

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal speaks to the media in Kurigram on 7 March, 2024.Prothom Alo

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has stood firm against critical statements from other countries regarding the elections in Bangladesh and said their reactions are not of prime concern here.

While speaking to reporters at Kurigram Government College on Thursday, the minister said, “Many countries make various comments. Many developed nations witness voter turnout rates from 20 to 25 per cent. Here, around 42 per cent of votes were cast in the 2024 elections. Still, if someone comments that the elections were not free, we have nothing to say in response.”

He stressed the government’s commitment to upholding democracy, saying, “The prime minister is thinking about maintaining a fair democratic process in the country. Therefore, what other countries say are not our prime concern.”

Regarding the BNP, the home minister alleged that the party secured only 30 seats in the 2008 elections as the people were well-aware of them. Hence, they engaged in destruction in 2014, instead of participating in the elections. They began burning people to death to discourage other parties from joining the polls. However, the people boycotted them. In a similar fashion, they initiated a nationwide sabotage on 28 October last year.

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“I noticed with utter surprise that the BNP, under the guise of a movement, carried out attacks at the chief justice’s residence and hospital. They even beat journalists and women mercilessly. Through these activities, they isolated themselves from the people,” he added.

The home minister attended a community policing and anti-narcotics programme at the Kurigram college in the afternoon. Local lawmakers, home secretary, senior officials of administration and police f0rce, and ruling party leaders were present there.