Biplob Kumar Nath, leader of the city's Agrabad fire station confirmed the incident to the news agency.

“A five-member diving team of the fire service is working to rescue the missing person. We will keep trying,” he said.

Earlier, on the day, incessant rains since Tuesday night sent low-lying areas of Chattogram city under water, causing indescribable sufferings to its residents especially office-goers.


Waterlogging continues to haunt the residents of the port city as its authorities have so far failed to resolve the protracted problem.

People living in Halishahar, Bakalia, Agrabad CDA, Bahaddarhat, Sholoshohor, No. 2 Gate, Muradpur, Prabartak and Chawkbazar areas have been experiencing the unusual waterlogging following the heavy rainfalls.

Some people were seen wading through knee-deep water to reach their destinations on Wednesday morning. At some places, the officer-goers had to pay extra fares to reach their workplaces.

Local met office said the active monsoon triggered the rains and that may continue for another two days.

“The rains may continue for two more days. The met office recorded 28 mm rainfall till 9:00am today, and this is happening due to active monsoon,” said Sheikh Farid Ahmed, meteorologist at Patenga station.

Heavy rains lead to horrific waterlogging in parts of Chattogram

Idris Ali, a resident of Sholoshohor area, said: “Just one hour of rain is enough to drown the city, and that’s because of the authorities’ negligence. I’ve been waiting here for an hour but no vehicle is available to catch.”


Female office-goers were the worst sufferers as they had to wade through knee-deep water to go to their workplaces.

At some places, CNG-run auto-rickshaws went out of order due to inundation, forcing the drivers to manually push them ahead.

Nasima Akhter, a garment worker, said: “I’ve got stuck here in No. 2 Gate area as the roads have gone under water. More worrying is that the rickshaw-pullers were demanding excess fares taking advantage of the situation.”

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