Maintenance of the protection dams in haor region in Sunamganj does not meet expectation and the prime minister will be informed of the irregularities, said agriculture minister Abdur Razzaque on Saturday.

He came up with the remarks after visiting Chapti haor in Derai upazila of Sunamganj.

He said, “We are evaluating the regulations that are followed to maintain the dams. Necessary steps will be taken soon to make the regulations more stringent to protect the dams properly.”

Farmers who have incurred losses due to untimely flood will be provided with free seeds and fertilizers next year, he said.

The minister made the announcement at a farmers’ assembly at Hasan Nagar in Sunamganj municipality after harvesting BINA-17 paddy on Saturday.

He said food assistance like rice, pulses, oil and other essential commodities will also be provide to the affected farmers.

“The government will assist the farmers so that they can cultivate the Boro paddy next year properly as well as other crops,” Razzaque added.

Haor region always remains in risk of flooding, he said adding “This year the possibility of floods is a bit higher as already 5,000 hectares of Boro lands went under water and water level is increasing in haors.”

Abdure Razzaque said Russia-Ukraine war along with Covid-19 pandemic is likely to create a food crisis across the globe. “Such crop losses might affect our stock of food grains and it might become hard for government to ensure food security.”

However the minister assured Vulnerable Group Feeding (VGF) and other food aids will be provided to ensure that no one remains hungry in the country.