Some 161 polling stations in five wards of Khulna city corporation (KCC) have been identified as vulnerable during the forthcoming elections, reports UNB.

According to the sources of returning officer and Khulna metropolitan police (KMP), there are 289 polling stations under 31 wards of Khulna city and to maintain law and order, the law enforcement agencies divided them into two segments -- 'important' and 'general'.

This year, the law enforcement agencies declared 161 polling stations as 'important' while the rest 128 stations were identified as general.

The polling stations of ward-4, 6, 7, 10 and 28 of the city were identified as vulnerable while the polling stations under ward-16, 19 and 22 were declared as 'important'.

There are six polling stations under ward-4, nine at no ward-6, twelve at ward-10, nine at ward-28, ten at ward-16, and seven at ward-19 and 22 each.

KMP commissioner Masudur Rahman Bhuiya said the list of vulnerable polling stations has been prepared considering various issues.

Primarily, a decision has been taken to deploy seven policemen and 17 Ansar members to each polling station, declared as 'important' while seven policemen and 15 Ansar members in the polling stations declared as general.

Besides, 3,567 police personnel, 300 members of armed police, and 4,657 Ansar members will perform their duties in Khulna city to ensure a free and fair election.