Mamtaz Begum said after entering the female room and showing her card at the centre a nurse gave her the first shot, sitting her on the bench.

As she felt dizzy, Mamtaz Begum remained in the seat for a few minutes.

In the meantime, another nurse came and hurriedly gave her another shot telling her to move from the seat fast, said Mamtaz Begum.

When she asked if she had to take two back to back doses of the vaccines the nurse became aware of the mistake.

However the UNB reporter couldn’t contact the nurse who was on duty at that time.

Sakibur Rahman, an official from the civil surgeon’s office said the nurse mistakenly went to give her second jab to Mamtaz Begam as she was sitting at the spot of receiving the jab starching her hand.

“As soon as she said she got jabbed once the nurse stopped and she only received a poke of the needle,” he said.

However Mamtaz Begum has been asked to contact the health authorities in case of any health difficulties, said Sakibur Rahman.

Although certainly not advised, no real adverse effect as such has been identified from getting double-jabbed in quick succession, mainly because cases are extremely, extremely rare.

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