No new reserve heist taken place: Bangladesh Bank

The signage of Bangladesh BankReuters file photo

Bangladesh Bank has denied the authenticity of an Indian news portal’s report that claimed another reserve heist from the central has taken place.

The central bank said in a statement that a three-level security policy is currently in place for any transactions with the New York Fed. As a result, the published information is fake.

Bangladesh Bank executive director and spokesperson Mezbaul Haque confirmed the veracity of this statement and said, “We have checked and found that there was no incident of reserve heist.”

Meanwhile, the matter was widely discussed on social media and in the Motijheel commerce hub, where headquarters of most of the banks are located, after the publication of the report in an Indian news portal today, Tuesday.

Many contacted Bangladesh Bank to verify the authenticity of this information.

In this context, the central denied the authenticity of the report through a statement in the evening.