Akbar Ali Khan passes away

Akbar Ali Khan
Prothom Alo file photo

Akbar Ali Khan, economist and former adviser to a caretaker government, passed away tonight. 

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Akbar Ali Khan breathed his last at around 10:00pm, his brother Kabir Uddin Khan said.

He fell ill and passed away before he arrived at the hospital, Kabir Uddin Khan said.

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Akbar Ali Khan was born in Dhaka in 1944. He graduated from the history department of Dhaka University and studied Economics in Queens University. He also had a PhD degree in Economics.

Akbar Ali Khan held various positions including that of cabinet secretary in his career in the civil service. Upon retirement, he taught at two universities.

He was made adviser to a caretaker government but resigned from the position due to differences in discharging duties. Akbar Ali Khan dedicated himself fully to writing and his books on an array of subjects including economics, history, and literature get widely acclaimed by readers.

Akbar Ali Khan’s last book was his autobiography titled ‘Purono sei diner kotha’. The book depicts life a personality with diverse experiences and accomplishments.