He noted that both import and export have increased. But always import is larger than export and export cannot overtake import in our country.

“Some imports are directly related with projects which we have to allow. Some imports must be controlled as those are not always open”, he said.

He said as far as any internal vulnerability exists, these luxury items will be controlled.

“If the situation becomes normal, then we will allow import of these items”, he opined.

Referring to a report of the World Bank the finance minister said globally the market prices have gone up by 38 per cent while price of beef has increased by 35 per cent, chicken by 55 per cent, soya bean oils by 35 per cent, tea by 13 per cent, TSP fertiliser by 65 per cent and urea fertiliser by 135 per cent.

The government has to take coordinated measures to control the market, said Kamal.

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