National flag should be of correct size and colour

Preliminary talks on the correct colour of the Bangladesh flag were held at the Berger office in Uttara of the capital. (L-R) Mohsin Habib Chowdhury, Nisar Hossain, Rupali Chowdhury, Matiur Rahman, AKM Sadeque Newaz

There are several different shades of green and all reds are not of the same shade either. Quite often different shades of green and red are used on the Bangladesh national flag. The medium with which the colour is being applied can also lead to differences. That is why even though it may seem that the correct shades of green and red are being used on the national flag, this may not always been accurate. There remain inconsistencies in the shades of colour.

Artist Nisar Hossain, dean of the faculty of fine arts, University of Dhaka, made these remarks during a discussion organised to create public awareness about the use of the right colour for the national flag. The discussion was held at the corporate office of Berger Paints in Uttara Sector 3 of the capital on Saturday.

There are often variants in the colour used on the national flag and at times the measurements are not precise either. Dhaka University’s faculty of fine arts and paint manufacturing company Berger Paints have decided to work together to make people aware about of the correct colour and measurements of the national flag. Prothom Alo will provide support to the initiative.

Rupali Chowdhury, managing director of Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited, Matiur Rahman, editor, Prothom Alo and senior officials of Berger Paints took part in the discussion.

Rupali Chowdhury said two articles on variations of colour used in the national flag written by noted artist Abul Barok Alvi and cartoonist Ahsan Habib appeared in Prothom Alo recently. Those articles inspired Berger and faculty of fine arts to take up the initiative to mobilise public awareness on the issue.

Variation of colour also occurs in the digitally produced images of the national flag. This has created confusion

Berger Paints has been working on various initiatives together with the faculty of fine arts for quite a long time. Now they will be working with the faculty of fine arts in spreading awareness and running campaigns on the implementation of the regulations regarding the colour, size and use of the national flag.

The discussants said independence, won at the cost of millions of lives, is the greatest achievement of the Bengali nation. The national flag symbolises the red rising sun amid the country’s lush green fields. But there is often a careless application of colour. Besides, the degree of green and red is not always the same on different medium (fabric, paper, PVC board).

Meanwhile, the variation of colour also occurs in the digitally produced images of the national flag. This has created confusion. That is why it is imperative to create public awareness on using the precise shades of colour for the national flag.

Among others Mohsin Habib, senior general manager, Berger Paints, AKM Sadeque, general manager, Berger Paints, ASM Obaidullah Mahmud, general manager, Berger Paints, and Sajuti Saleque, head of brands participated in the discussion.