Complaint at the ministry

The WASA officials filed the complaint with the local government ministry on 30 October. In response, the ministry sought the statement of the chairman regarding the issues.

The letter did not mention any official's name. It read that the WASA chairman called the department heads and gave various instructions despite the fact that his post is not an executive one. He even forced his orders to be carried out without any official approval. The post of chairman is an honorary one, but he performs daily duties like a regular official.

The letter accused the chairman of instigating the sacked officers of WASA. It stated the WASA officials do not perform their duties properly claiming themselves to be CBA leaders. A chaos prevails in the office. Also, the chairman also issued orders to employ some specific contractors.

In response to the letter, the ministry’s water supply division issued a letter on 15 November, seeking explanation from the WASA chairman regarding the complaint. A similar letter was issued to the MD.

Chairman’s statement

Chairman Golam Mostafa claimed to have received no letter from the ministry until Thursday noon.

He told Prothom Alo, “The WASA MD was barred from holding meetings while he was in the United States. I have been hearing for a few days that efforts are underway to remove me. This complaint letter is part of the effort.”

Taqsem A Khan was contacted over phone for his statement about the complaint, but he did not respond.

In this regard, the Wasa’s deputy chief public information officer, Mustafa Tarekm, said, “I do not have the authority to comment on this matter. I do not know whether anyone has complained to the ministry or not.”