One minute blackout on 25 March night

The government has decided to observe one-minute symbolic ‘blackout’ at night on 25 March throughout the country marking the Genocide Day, reports BSS.

The liberation war affairs ministry has taken an initiative to observe the blackout from 9:00pm to 9:01pm, according to an official hand-out released on Wednesday.

But, the key point installations (KPIs) and the essential establishments will remain out of the purview of the programme.

On the occasion, the government has also imposed restriction on lighting at all the government, semi-government, autonomous, private buildings and structures on 25 March night. But lightings are allowed from the evening on 26 March.

The decision has been taken by the government for implementing the national programmes commemorating the Genocide Day. All the countrymen and concerned public-private organisations have been requested to implement the programmes.