Over 850,000 more animals sacrificed this year than last

Sacrificial animalsFile Photo

This year on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, a total of 9.9 million 50 thousand 763 cattle have been sacrificed across the country. Among all eight divisions, the highest number of animals were sacrificed in Dhaka. However compared to Dhaka, more cows and buffaloes were sacrificed in Chattogram.

This was revealed in a press release issued by the ministry of fisheries and livestock today (Monday). The press release stated, this year more animals were slaughtered than the last year. In comparison to last year, 857 thousand 521 more animals have been sacrificed this year. Last year, a total of 9 million 93 thousand 242 cattle were sacrificed across the country.

As per government records, in total 2.4 million 91 thousand 768 cattle including 1.1 million 67 thousand 810 cows and buffaloes, 1.3 million 23 thousand 711 goats and sheep along with 247 other cattle were sacrificed in Dhaka division this year. Meanwhile the number was 2.1 million 28 thousand 459 cattle including 1.3 million 13 thousand 678 cows and buffalos, 814 thousand 685 goats and sheep along with 96 other cattle in Chattogram.

In Rajshahi division this year, total 1.9 million 98 thousand 128 cattle including 709 thousand 243 cows and buffaloes and 128 thousand 885 goats and sheep have been sacrificed whereas in Khulna total 926 thousand 209 cattle including 258 thousand 264 cows and buffaloes and 667 thousand 930 goats and sheep along with 15 other cattle have been sacrificed.

The number of sacrificed cattle in Barishal division was 498 thousand 937 including 267 thousand 614 cows and buffaloes along with 231 thousand 323 goats and sheep. In Sylhet division, a total of 392 thousand 583 cattle including 201 thousand 186 cows and buffaloes along with 191 thousand goats and sheep have been slaughtered on this year’s Eid.

In the meantime, a total of 1.1 million 38 thousand 896 cattle including 531 thousand 93 cows and buffaloes along with 607 thousand 803 goats and sheep were sacrificed in Rangpur division this time. And last, total 375 thousand 783 cows and buffaloes including 180 thousand 548 cows and buffalos, 195 thousand 186 goats and sheep along with 49 other cattle have been slaughtered in Mymensingh division.