Momen calls for action against extortionists in his constituency

AK Abdul MomenFile photo

Former foreign minister AK Abdul Momen on Tuesday said some criminals in his constituency are regularly extorting money from trucks carrying essential items.

He also urged the government to stop this extortion and confiscate the money collected through extortion.

The Awami League lawmaker elected from Sylhet-1 constituency said this while speaking on his notice to call to attention important public issues in parliament.

According to Section-71 of rules of procedure of parliament, respective MPs are given two-minutes to discuss the issue.

In his speech, the immediate past foreign minister, Abdul Momen, said that the small and medium businesspersons of his constituency have complained to him that some local criminals have been forcing them to pay Tk 5,000-10,000 from each truck carrying daily necessities including vegetables and sugar.

“They hijack the truck if the money is not paid. When I brought the matter to the attention of the local police and administration, the terrorist activity stopped for a couple of days. But later it started again,” Momen told the parliament.

He also said the local tradespersons were dejected due to the oppression of these extortionists.

“As a local MP, I am calling upon through you to stop this extortion. At the same time, I urge the government to take special measures to confiscate the money collected by criminals through extortion.”

Meanwhile, ruling AL whip Nazrul Islam Babu drew the attention of the commerce minister to take immediate measures to control the price hike of essentials.

Babu said this while speaking on his call attention notice. “Inflation and price hike of essentials are our big problem at present. Inflation in the world is on the downward trend. Now the prime minister is giving instructions to the commerce ministry on how to reduce the prices of our daily commodities,” he said.