Won’t allow another farcical election: Fakhrul

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir addressing a protest march in city on Saturday
Prothom Alo

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said Awami League would not be allowed to hold any farcical election while remaining in power.

“Awami League is thinking they will hold another election as they held the previous two elections. They are thinking of looting public property and exploiting the people the same way. But people would not let it happen again,” Mirza Fakhrul said while addressing the rally before BNP’s march programme on Saturday.

BNP organised the march in every thana of the cities today protesting against price hike of commodities, power, oil and gas; harassment, arrest and killing of BNP men by police firing.

Fakhrul said, “The last two elections proved that election cannot be free and fair with a partisan government in power.  So the government has to step down and the parliament dissolved at the first place. Later a caretaker government should be formed and a fresh election commission constituted to pave the way for holding an election so that a people’s government can be established.”

The BNP leader urged people to take to the streets to press home these demands and establish the rights of people.

This movement is not for taking BNP to power, rather for restoring peoples’ rights, he added.

He said the government failed to intimidate the BNP men despite unleashing all sorts of repressions in last 15 years.

He alleged the government had killed over a thousand BNP men and made over 600 activists victims of enforced disappearance.

He said the government always presents Russia-Ukraine war as the root of the country’s existing economic crises but, in reality, the economic crises emanates from unbridled corruption of the government.

He blamed money laundering of the ruling party men for the economic crises.

He alleged that only the people who are involved with the ruling party can now avail goods from TCB at subsided prices and the common people are deprived.

Mentioning the incident of Fulpari in Kushtia Islamic University, Fakhrul said the Chhatra League cadres are unleashing terror in educational institutes.

BNP organised protest marches in 50 thanas in Dhaka city.