Nowhere in constitution to include BNP in elections

Some registered political parties including Awami League join discussion with the election commission at Nirbachan commission bhaban on 4 November.
Ashraful Alam

Awami League presideum member Faruk Khan has said it is nowhere in the constitution to include BNP in the elections.

He said those who have no public support will not contest the election.

The election commission organises this discussion to disclose its preparations about the election to the registered parties. Twenty two parties including Awami League were invited for discussion in the morning. Of these, eight parties did not turn up.

Twenty two parties including BNP are invited for discussion in the afternoon. The EC hung the invitation letter at the party office as BNP leaders were not found.

EC sources said CPB, BJP, Bangladesh Muslim League, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Bangladesh, Kalyan Party, Khelafat Majlish, Bangladesh Muslim League and LDP didn't join the discussion.

After the discussion, answering queries from newsmen, Faruk Khan said the programmes BNP are declaring are not political programmes. These are programmes for violence. These can be called 'terrorist actions'.

When his attention was drawn that nobody is in the BNP office to receive the letter of the election commission, Faruk Khan said it is a matter of shame.

The Awami League leader said they think the 12th parliament election will be held in accordance with the constitution.

After holding discussion with the election commission, Trinamool BNP secretary Taimur Alam Khandaker, speaking to newsmen, said they have told the election commission to take initiative to create a conducive environment so that people find confidence and feel interest to cast votes.

"We have told the election commission to ensure the security of the people and there are equal opportunities for all participatory parties. The election commission has assured us of it," he added.