Sanction to be imposed if voter turnout not 6o-70pc: Shahjahan Omar

BNP vice chairman Shahjahan OmarFile Photo

Sanctions will be imposed on Bangladesh if 60-70 per cent of voter turnout cannot be shown in the forthcoming 12th parliamentary election, said Muhammad Shahjahan Omar at a wayside rally at Kathalia bypass intersection Sunday.

Shahjahan Omar recently left BNP and joined Awami League and got a nomination from the party for Jhalakathi-1 constituency (Rajapur-Kathalia).

He said this election cannot be taken lightly as the election would be a tough one.

“Since some big political parties are not joining the polls, the election would not be acceptable if we cannot show 60-70-80 per cent turnout. Our leader Sheikh Hasina has many enemies in and outside the country who don’t want her to remain the prime minister. If we cannot show turnout over 60 per cent, then they would tell the prime minister that the election has not become acceptable. Using this pretext, many countries will start to impose economic sanctions and different sanctions on visa and garment industry,” said Shahjahan Omar.

He further said if the election does not see over 60 per cent turnout, then the foreign envoys won’t join the oath taking ceremony.