Govt to muzzle people’s voice, no action against the corrupt: Zonayed Saki

Ganosamhati Andolan chief coordinator Zonayed Saki addresses a protest rally in front of National Press Club in Dhaka on 1 April 2023.

Ganosamhati Andolan chief coordinator Zonayed Saki said corrupt people, money launderers and bank looters are responsible for market manipulation. But instead of acting against them, the government wants to muzzle the voice of the people.

Zonayed Saki made this remark while addressing a protest rally in front of National Press Club in Dhaka. Ganosamhati Andolan organised the rally demanding reduction in essential prices as well as withdrawal of cases filed Prothom Alo editor Matirul Rahman and its staff correspondent in Savar Samsuzzaman under the Digital Security Act and immediate release of Samsuzzaman.

Zonayed Saki said there is no freedom to speak about rice and essentials in the country. When people cannot afford food in the country, then meaning of freedom is to have a full stomach.

People struggle when going to the market because of the exorbitant prices, but no one is allowed to talk about it. Meanwhile, in order to cling onto power, the government wants to teach the media the lesson to stay silent by punishing Prothom Alo, he added.

The present government is tarnishing the image of the country in the international community, Zonayed Saki claimed adding this government is threatening the independence of the country by looting, enforced disappearance and snatching away voting rights.

Rapid Action Battalion faces sanctions for human rights violations and this government uses RAB to carry out enforced disappearance and murder, so, who really tarnishes the image of the country, he asked.

The government is trying to supress the media, Zonayed Saki said adding, enforcement of the Digital Security Act means snatching away people’s rights and freedom of press, and the government knows people would not vote for them, which is why the government is acting willfully to stay in power.