Asked if BNP has cleared its stance of the next general election, Amir Khasru said, “Of course we have made it clear to them that we are not going to participate in any election under the current government. We made it clear to those who are observing the situation of Bangladesh closely that the people will not be able to elect their representatives, establish their government if the election is held under the current usurper and unelected government.”

Asked about the EU’s stance on these matters, Amir Khasru said, “They can say better what they are thinking. I can’t say that. You all know that like in Bangladesh, the democratic countries are also observing the situation of the election closely. As part of this observation, they (EU) have seen what the democratic condition is in Bangladesh, what is the situation of human rights, rule of law, freedom of speech and media. They surely have an eye on these as apprehensions loom large in and outside the country over the next general election.”

Amir Khasru said they also discussed the country's electoral system.

The BNP leader said the apprehensions loom large among the foreigners, like as the people of the country, as to what direction Bangladesh will head if people cannot exercise their franchise in the next election.

In light of this situation, the EU wants to know how the next general election can be fair and participatory, he added.