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Bangladesh Chhatra League’s Eden Mohila College unit president Tamanna Jasmin Riva threatened to drive out several final year students from a women dormitory as they did not join a BCL event.

In the wake of public criticism as an audio record, where she was heard issuing the threat, went viral on social media Facebook, Tamanna Jasmin Riva sought apology.

Now she has tortured two students mentally for over six hours for making the video viral and forced them to say that the incident was false and they made the audio viral at the behest of another leader of BCL’s Eden Mohila College unit.

At a stage of torture Tamanna Jasmin threatened them of striping, capturing video and releasing it online.

The two students were forced to say that as they were subjected to torture at a room of Razia Begum dormitory of the college on Tuesday. On information, the dormitory’s provost Nargis Ruma rescued the two students.

Upon rescuing the two students, teachers of Eden Mohilla College and a few leaders and activists of the college unit BCL heard the incident from them.

Prothom Alo has received a video clip of that moment where the teachers and BCL leaders were seen assuring the two students and trying to hear the whole incident from them.

At a stage, one of the victims said college unit BCL president Tamanna Jasmin Riva demanded them to say that the media reports were fake as those were run on the basis of the audio that went viral on social media.

"Tamanna also demanded us to say that the audio was recorded at the behest of college unit BCL vice-president Sumona Mim," the victim added.

"Tamanna threatened us of striping and capturing a video and releasing that online if we do not say these. Finding no other alternative we read out what Tamanna provided us. Tamanna and her followers captured that with their phone."

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The victim also said Tamanna Jasmin had been compelling them to attend political programmes for long even if they were sick. As the oppression has been going on for long, recently they recorded the threats and abusive words to keep an evidence of that. College unit BCL vice-president Sumona Mim did not instruct them in this regard.

The victim was seen breaking into tears in front of another victim, teachers and BCL leaders. She said, “Who would ensure my security if this video goes outside?”

Speaking about this, central BCL vice-president Sohan Khan said, “It was sad that such an audio clip of Eden college unit BCL president went viral. She apologised for her abusive words as well. Still this information that she has tortured and issued threat to strip a student for acknowledgement. This is very sad.”

“No organisation can be stigmatised for any individual. Eden college BCL president should have been careful after the audio clip went viral. It is necessary to take organisational action against her if the violent behaviour she has shown is found to be true. I hope BCL central president and general secretary would play a responsible role in this regard.”

Regarding this Prothom Alo called to Eden Mohila College unit BCL president, Tamanna Jasmin Riva, several times. But she did not receive the call.

Eden Mohila College principal Supriya Bhattacharya was also not available on phone.