Several students of the room said Tamanna came to their room and threatened them to drive out from the hostel because they had not joined Chhattra League programmes for several days over the last week.

Tamanna threatened the students saying, “If I don’t allot a sit, which of your fathers will give you a seat? Will madams of the hall administration give it? Do madams have the power?”

An audio clip has spread in the social media network Facebook where Chhattra League leader Tamanna was heard threatening other students. Tamanna admitted the matter and apologised

In the audio clip, Tamanna was heard saying, “You are doing excess. I will catch one of you and then split another one. You are legal students, so… What is the source of your power? Whether you will stay in my political room legally is up to you. You have been allotted seat legally and that does not matter. If I do not give you a seat, which of your fathers will give it to you from room no. 202. Will madams give it? Do they have that power?’

At one stage, a student was heard saying, “She is ill. So, she went home.” In reply, Tamanna was heard saying, “Who others are legal in room no. 202? You are legal, so, what is my…? Do I … you? Do madams have power to take a student from our room? Eden College principal does not even have that power to take a student out from this room. Since Eden College president has taken over this room, there is no one above the president. I wish I would strangle you.”

Tamanna Jesmin could not be reached for a comment. Her mobile phone was found switched off.

However, she wrote in Facebook on Friday night, “I have a connection with each of the activists of Chhattara League’s Eden College unit. They are nothing but members of my family. Though it was in a very personal environment, I admit that it was my fault to use unchecked language from my responsible position. Chhattara League did not teach such lesson. Therefore, I beg apology from the organisation. ”

Eeden College principal Supriya Bhattacharjee said the hall authorities will look into the matter and action will be taken by considering the situation.