Police being ‘attacked’ arbitrarily: Quader

Obaidul Quader addresses a rally in Dhaka on 21 June, marking his party's 75th founding anniversary.BSS

The general secretary of ruling Awami League, Obaidul Quader, has spurned the corruption charges against his party and accused the opposing Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) of spreading rumours and attacking the police with arbitrary allegations. 

He, also the road transport and bridges minister, made the statement while addressing a rally at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh in Dhaka this afternoon, marking the 75th founding anniversary of Awami League.

“Today, Fakhrul and their loyalists are spreading rumours and attacking the police arbitrarily. They have malicious intentions against the army. We have to think if the ongoing conspiracy to label all as corrupt is a plot to oust the Awami League,” he said. 

Referring to media reports on corruption, Obaidul Quader alleged that some media outlets are spreading propaganda and presenting the ruling party as corrupt. He reiterated his party’s firm stance against corruption and emphasised the independence of the anti-corruption commission (ACC) and the judiciary. 

“If an individual commits a crime, the ACC is independent, so does the judiciary. Sheikh Hasina has the courage to prosecute the corrupt, no matter who he is, how influential he is,” he said, urging the party leaders and activists to remain alert against any conspiracies in guise. 

Highlighting the ruling party’s solid base in the country, Obaidul Quader said, “Our party’s roots are deep in the soil of Bangladesh. Its source of strength is the people. Under Sheikh Hasina’s leadership, the Awami League is not a party to bow down.” 

He poked BNP for its fragility in movements, saying, “You people will forge a movement, wouldn't you flee again like on 28 October? Your movement is fake, The BNP’s movement, its one-point demand, leadership – are fake. BNP is fake. The people were not with this fake party before, and they will not be in the future too. A movement without the people is not a movement.” 

The Awami League leader also warned BNP of a befitting reply if they resort to arson, terrorism, murder in the name of politics.