BNP a dummy party, stringent action if it commits violence: Quader

Awami League general secretary Obaidul QuaderFile Photo

Any act of violence in the name of waging a movement will be dealt with iron hand, warned governing Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader Friday.

Terming the key opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) as a “dummy party”, the ruling party leader remarked that even their leaders and activists do not respond to calls for movement.

The AL leader also informed the media that their “peace and democracy rally” will continue.

He was talking to the media after distributing warm clothes among the cold-hit people on the premises of Bangabandhu Bhaban at Dhanmondi 32 in the capital city.

Awami League’s sub-committee on relief and social welfare distributed the clothes.

Speaking about the BNP’s movement, Quader stated, “You can wage a movement but do not engage in violent activities in the name of a movement. If you obstruct people’s living, commit arson and terrorism in the name of enforcing strikes and blockades - all these will be dealt with iron hand.”

“People have suffered a lot in this country. You have inflicted a lot of pain on the people of this country in the name of movements. You must face punishment if you commit these wrongful acts.

“Stringent actions will be taken - this is our decision,” he stressed.

“Organise movements as long as you want, our peace and democracy rally will continue,” he added.

Addressing the BNP, Obaidul Quader further expressed, “Do wage movement. Another 28 October will come to this country after five years. Then you could wage the movement. You could try to organise a movement with the election ahead. For now, the BNP’s leaders and activists will not respond to the call of any movement, let alone the people. What type of movement is this where people do not respond. Not even the BNP’s leaders and activists would turn up out of despair.”

‘BNP a dummy party’

Obaidul Quader dubbed the BNP as a dummy political party and said no dummy party is required. “The sleepless BNP leaders and activists have been grieving; they have lost all hopes. Will they wage a movement?”

He said the BNP does not have any hope now. There is no sanction and no visa policy. Day’s pass with the hope of sanctions - this is the condition of the BNP.

The AL leader also stated that the BNP will realise soon that the party has made a mistake by not contesting the parliamentary election. “They are now organising a procession with black flags; this is a mourning programme. Black flag is a symbol of mourning, this means they themselves are telling the nation that we (BNP) have been defeated, that is why we have organised this procession with black flags.”

‘BNP master in lobbying’

Obaidul Quader said the BNP leaders and activists have been arrested in cases lodged on specific allegations. Let them face this legally. Those who are not involved with crimes will get released through legal processes.

“Will there not be any punishment for criminal offences in any country? Will we release them if the US says so? Could this be? Why is Donald Trump being tried then?  Donald Trump is being tried in the US court on 91 charges. A president facing the court itself is a punishment. How does the country, where a former president is being tried, tell us to release the criminals? They say 25,000 or so. Our jails do not have that many people. The home minister told me that some 11,000-12,000 accused BNP leaders and activists are in jail,”  he stated.

Quader further said that they (BNP) have been persuading the UN to say that 25,000 people are in jail. “They do good lobbying. The party is a master in lobbying.”

Highlighting former US president Donald Trump’s allegation of vote rigging in the last presidential election in the country, Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader expressed, “They advise us for a fair election. Let them hold a fair election first, then they could extend advice.”