Alam said they found at least four other documents which were signed on behalf of Jamaat using an address of New York instead of any local Bangladesh address.

"We believe those documents were signed on behalf of Jamaat as their different political issues, including ICT tribunal (International Crimes Tribunal, Bangladesh), were mentioned in the agreements to lobby," the state minister said.

The BNP hired US lobbyist firms called, Akin Company Associates, Blue Star Strategies and Rasky Partners while Jamaat signed agreements with an organization named 'Peace and justice'.

The junior minister said that they would forward the documents to the Bangladesh bank governor today to check whether BNP sent the money to the US firms legally with the approval of the central bank’s legal channel.

"If they sent the money without taking approval of the Bangladesh Bank, we expect the central bank will take legal steps as per the rules and inform the matter to the Election Commission (EC), he said.

As per the rules, each political party has to submit its account on expenditure and income to the EC.

The other documents are good enough for the EC to ask Jaamat-e-Islami too about the source of expenditure, Alam said.

Apart from these eight documents, available in the public domain, Alam said they do believe there are many more such agreements, signed by BNP and Jamaat with foreign lobbyists, which are still unavailable for public.

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